Mt. Batolusong Dayhike

A week after a short trip in Singapore (first out of the country travel), I felt the need to throw myself onto some mountain climbing adventure and be refreshed with the nature that I missed in SG. Few days past, after some self-convincing attempt, made it to one of the popular dayhike destination near Manila; the Mt. Batolusong in the province of Rizal.

Located in Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal, with a difficulty of 3/9, while considered as a minor climb, it is mandated by the Tanay local government to register and hire a guide. Of all the hikes I’ve been through, this was probably meant to really test my endurance. Imagine hiking early in the morning at around 4:30AM, without much rest, beginning in a muddy trail to rocky stairs soon after, few among my fellows already turned back. That was just the first 30 minutes of the hike.

Jumped from one stage to another while taking a pause every 10 mins. Reached our first campsite at around 5:30am after the Mapatag Plateau (645+ MASL) intense assault.

When the sky began to turn purple to orange, the landscape was definitely rewarding. You couldn’t miss a good spot to take your photos or selfies since you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding Sierra Madre mountains. Everyone halted and savour the scenic view of the sunrise while sipping a cup of campsite-prepared coffee.


It wasn’t that much longer when our guide decided to ascend to the peak. While it seemed a lot more challenging to me, we couldn’t buy more time to stay or else the sun will caught us. The breezy weather was getting along but the heat started to kiss our sweaty skin on our way to the summit. It was a long hike. Took us over a couple of hours more to reach the peak but it was worth the shot.

Sea of clouds was nowhere visible due to the late arrival at Rangyas Peak. In spite of that, we managed to score some awesome shots with the vibrant slopes and abundant green vegetation of Mt Batolusong.

Sunrise summit selfie 🗻#GoproHero5Black

Posted by Glen Reniel Tabilona on Sunday, 22 January 2017

No shelter are situated on or near the peak so we instantly took a detour to Kay-Ibon Falls. Another tough trail path welcomed us as we landed on the location of falls, where most took a short sweet rest before finally heading back to the jumpoff point.

The day ended on a side trip to one of the newest attraction in the Province of Rizal, the Pililla Windmill. A perfect place to watch the sunset and had our raffle prizes and photos taken before we split our way home.

Initial Event Itinerary :
1:00 am – Meet-Up Mc Donald’s Crossing (Green field District) along North Bound of Edsa
1:30 am – ETD Manila
3:30 am – ETA Jump Off Point; Registration
4:15 am – Start trek
6:00 am – ETA Duhatan Ridge
6:30 am – ETA Mapatag Plateau,
7:00 am – Rangyas Peak Summit sea of Clouds Photo-Ops
7:45 am – Start descent, trek to Kay-Ibon Falls
8:30 am – ETA Kay-Ibon Falls, Food trip, Swim, Photo-Ops
11:30 am – Descent to Brgy/registration area, wash up.
12:30 pm – ETD Pililla Windmill
2:00 pm – ETA Pililla Windmill photo-ops
3:30 pm – ETD to Crossing (Green field District)
6:00 pm – ETA Mc Donalds Crossing (Green field District)

Thanks to Vincent for making this trip possible! Met him on a trail run in Tanay and I must say one of the best hiking event organizer.

Ever been here? Would you like to recommend a unique hiking daytrips? Tell your story! Till our next climb! Cheers!


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