20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival – Solo Tour On Valentines Day

When you’re single on Valentines Day, it doesn’t mean for you to ditch the crowded places full of flowers and kisses. A perfect way to spend Valentines Day is to take a detour to a place where everything flies; the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Celebrating it’s 20th year in the Philippines, the festival offers so much activities to for you to experience the splendor of anything that flies. Get yourself amused like the feeling of being in the cloud nine plus the acts and performances coming from here and abroad. Aside from Hot Air Balloons and Paragliders, I was not able to actually see most of the highlights of the event due to limited time but here are some of the flying and on-the-ground exhibitions for everyone.

Abbey of Saint Gall Balloon

Here you can just observe the transience of different hot air balloons imported from different countries, most of which are comes with weird, funny, and ingenious design. With enchantment and fascination, I took this photo seems like forming a smiling eyes looking right to the Abbey of Saint Gall Balloon. Those were the Twinz Acrobatic Paragliders and their spectacular show.


Depending on the wind condition, you can also fly kites you can bought on the event area or ride on the Hot Air Balloon of Manila Bulletin and take a picture when on ground.

I decided to maximize my time capturing breathtaking views and of course taking a lot of selfies. Zoocobia is one of the best place take to your kids. The entrance is free and you can take pictures with their friendly “academically-inclined” owl mascot named Zooc.

Views like this are worth traveling for. I’m going to make it a habit visiting this festival every year hopefully with my future significant other.
How about you? Do you find it romantic to date yourself or your special someone here?

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