“An aspiring globetrotter who dreamed of exploring all worthy sights of the Philippines and beyond, Glen is a corporate slave, a frustrated runner, and a lone wolf wanderer who dares to seek whatever it takes to feed his wanderlust.”

Back in 2016, I started to follow my dreams after I landed on my first corporate job. At first, I thought I can finally afford to travel if I managed to save a couple of hundred bucks and slowly chase that dream of becoming a weekend warrior. It wasn’t a piece of cake tho and kinda like reality slapped me right into the face.

It was late before I realized I was caught in a paradox. You work your ass out to afford traveling but you couldn’t because you’re working. Well, that sucks!

I labeled myself as a corporate slave. Sitting in an office, doing a 9-5 job isn’t ideal, nor what some think of me as a safe place to be successful.

But as I struggle on my sleepless nights and stressful days for a couple of years now, crawling my way through the weekends, who would have thought this could be survived?

Corporate slave is a stereotype. The burden can be altered through some short escapes and solitary adventures. Yes! It only takes that first step away from our comfort zone. Perhaps, the reason why this blog was born — to inspire someone, including myself, to get going.

So why travel? Good question.

If pretty much anything isn’t really something that I’m good at, traveling is something we can sit and talk about a lot. I’ve always had this eagerness to experience the unknown, explore the wilderness, and live the life I’ve always wanted.

It started when I randomly flipped the pages of a travel magazine during my academic days. Europe was the first the article to snatch my attention.

My eyes lit up. The world is so out there. The moment I realized I was into it, I ended up collecting travel guides and travel magazines, so could I just inspire myself to wonder. The rest was history.

Now I am at the point of my life, finding ways and savings days to eat my way to Europe. I know for sure it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought it would be but who gives a ****. I’m gonna do it anyway.

But hey! Don’t get me wrong. My humble years have just begun. Maybe if we cross paths while on the road, you’ll know more of my story.

That’s it! To anyone who have read this, here’s to more cheerful escapes!



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt


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